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Celebrating our Highs and Acknowledging our Lows

Social media can be a dangerous place for a business! Why? There's always a company who has more likes, followers, and catchy posts then we do! We find ourselves subconsciously...and maybe consciously trying to compete with one another! That competitive spirit is not a healthy and it can be exhausting!!

So how can we find that balance between competing and actually celebrating our own successes?! Be humble and not afraid to acknowledge our lows! We all have room to grow and improve, why not share that with others! That will make you more relatable to your followers and potential clients!

We found ourselves in this very predicament! We were so excited to share a Bid that we placed for the State! We probably had 0 chances of actually winning the Bid, but we felt so accomplished filling out the application and meeting the qualification that we shared it online! Well a few days passed and we were notified who acquired the bid and it wasn't us! Not a huge surprise, but a let down nonetheless!

Initially, we did not post the outcome of our Bid. Not many want to share a loss, but we felt it was important to share! We see this as not a missed opportunity, but getting our feet wet in the Bidding world!

Social Media isn't all bad! It's a tool and can be a great source of resources, networking opportunities, and a place to share our successes!! We want to use this tool to encourage others that having a business is rewarding but comes with challenges! We want to embrace the good and the bad and maybe others will too!

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